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I received a sample of this from Birchbox as part of a mystery pack with purchase. As soon as I opened the package, I was excited about the generous size of the sample. It comes in a little glass bottle with screw top (I read the full size has a spray top which would make applying without using too much easier) and it seemed like more than a score for a freebie. I opened the cap and smelled it, and was instantly in love with the fresh, light scent. On my skin, it smells even stronger, almost like a light perfume. I have read many people are hesitant to use it on their face and hair as the product describes, and I must admit I have not tried that either for fear of breakouts or greasy locks. It has been enough for me to fall in love simply rubbing small amounts on dry patches of skin and places I want the scent to linger, like my wrists and neck. I would hesitate to use this if you plan to use a perfume, I don't like mixing scents and this more than doubles for moisture and smelling nice. Oils last a long time so it's worth the purchase price! I will definitely buy more once my generous sample runs out!

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