Surprisingly good

Do you have the time in your morning for pre-shave, shave, and post-shave lotions and such? No? Congratulations, you are like most guys who only have so much time in their morning to devote to clearing whiskers off their faces.

THAT SAID: You might want to take the time to apply this before getting that razor ready. It's a cool-mint base that smells and feels great, like you're really prepping and cleaning your face for a decent shave, without spending a ton of time.

My only caveat is to avoid pairing it with a facewash or shaving cream that's also heavily-scented (I tried this sample with another BB sample shaving cream with a similar smell/feel), or it might be a little too much of a good thing.

Also: The sample bottle's tiny red-lettered instructions are downright impossible to read, so just assume the directions are "apply to face, do not eat."

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