Good product, Not for everyday use

I loved this product in of itself, but had some issues.

First, THE GOOD:
- If you're like me and like tomatoes, you'll love the fresh, smell--it reminds me of picking tomatoes from my own summer garden.
- Bamboo feels rugged, but satisfying when you want to feel fresh after a long day. I also used it on my shoulders and arms...very soothing feel.
- Mild use made my pores smaller and skin brighter.

Then, the NOT-SO-GOOD:
- Overuse aggravated my skin and left rashes and peeling dry patches. Remember: the product contains harsh bamboo grain and acidic fruit. The massaging feel of the bamboo is addictive and tempting to use during every shower, but avoid the urge. Misuse will cause skin problems.
- I kept this product in my shower and noticed black mold inside the cap after several weeks. On one hand, this is a good sign (it's made of natural ingredients, not chemicals from a lab). But you don't want to contaminate your skin, either. This product would be better suited in smaller size that would be replaced before it has an opportunity to turn due to unavoidable circumstances like heat, humidity or water exposure. I wound up tossing about a quarter of the tube.

Final verdict: YES, I would buy this product again. But I would do it differently.
Used correctly (1-2 uses a week), this is a great product. Do not overuse. Also, store in a cool, DRY place like a storage cabinet and keep the cap closed if the bathroom is humid or water is splashing, to avoid the formation of mold. It is better suited to using over a sink than in a steamy shower.

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