Like it, but a little strong-scented

I bought this for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon because I want a little shimmer and adore moisturizers. I was hoping to use this as a little bit of a highlighter for contouring/highlighting my collar bone etc. I still will use it, as it does have a gorgeous shimmer. But the scent is SO strong! It will be great for my honeymoon....but I'm afraid the scent will fight with my wedding day perfume!!! The other downside of this product is that it doesn't spray on. I was expecting a spray nozzle of some sort but with this you pour it out.....I feel like that is too easy to mess up or get too much. Otherwise I have to use a sponge....and that's totally inconvenient. Overall, it is a successful shimmer oil, and its is just super strong scented and not a spray.....a bit disappointed.

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