Somewhat disappointed

I was a HUGE fan of the original blinc - I went through about 3 tubes, then had a period where my bank account wouldn't tolerate it. I had always wished it were slightly more volumizing, so when I saw this, I was thrilled. is more volumizing. and it does come off with water just like the other. BUT, like everyone is saying, it is nearly impossible not to get it all over yourself when you're applying it. And my new tube FLAKES like crazy. I have flakes everywhere, getting in my contacts non-stop. With the original, this was my sign that I needed a new tube (usually 3 months or more), but this started from day 1. I'm so sad, because I'm SICK of raccoon eyes. I may just have to go back to the original. But I can't take this irritated eyes all day, with black flakes all over my cheeks and eyelids.

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