miracle worker

I love what this does for my acne. I never used to break out so when I noticed they were becoming a recurring thing, I immediately started searching for an end-all treatment - and this is it. I usually use this every night to keep any blackheads in check, but when I notice a break out forming, I use this as a spot treatment and there's almost always a noticeable difference the day afterwards. It says that you can use it during the day, but it tends to leave a chalky residue once it's dried after you've applied it - so i don't know how it would work under makeup. I also don't really mix it with my moisturizer or any other serums I use since I'm not 100% sure how my skin would react. Also, maybe because my skin is a bit sensitive, but if I apply heavy amounts of it (like two or three layers) for more than one or two nights, it does cause my skin to peel. I'll usually just exfoliate and that takes care of it, but that might be troublesome/worrisome for other people. Other than that, it really does it's job and I see results right away.

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