Expensive - but worth it.

I NEVER would have thought to spend this much on a bar of soap. EVER.
But, not only is the feel of this soap amazing, the scent is fantastic, clean smelling, and sticks with you (in a good way) until the end of the day.
If you have delicate skin, or don't like to feel like you've been "scrubbed vigorously", do NOT buy this. The pepper corns are dominant. Also, if you were planning on wearing a cologne that day. make sure it marries up well, as this soap leaves a strong base layer. I have gotten compliments on my "cologne" when I've only had this soap on, so that makes the price more palatable.
Lastly, this is a big bar, so I cut it in half with a meat cleaver to make it last longer.
So, if you like masculine scents, want to skip on the cologne, and like to feel scrubbed - this is for you.

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