I purchased this kit after having sampled the moisturizer a several months ago. I really liked how light the moisturizer was and how quickly it sank into my skin. However...

It was cold when I received the kit, and my skin was parched. The moisturizer just didn't provide enough moisture for the cold weather. Maybe once the weather warms up again.

The serum... I read review after review claiming it was some miracle product that got rid of a spot overnight or after a couple nights. No. No, it doesn't. The product also claims to prevent breakouts. Nope. It doesn't. It's also did not play nice with my other products like my daytime moisturizer, sunscreen, bb cream... It balled up and came right off. I did find that it works with Cerave in the tub, so I use it at night. My face started getting really tender though, and I realized it was because the product gets gritty after I let it dry and then apply my moisturizer. Ouch. I also did not see an improvement in my hyperpigmentation, nor did I see it preventing hyperpigmentation.

The cleanser was fine though. I did actually like the cleanser. But not enough for the price. I was very disappointed..

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