Wonderful, gentle cleanser!

I love this cleanser - it was my Cetaphil substitute when I lived in France, and I loved it so much that I go out of my way to order it online and continue to use it now that I'm back in the states. I'm a morning and night face washer, and a bottle tend to last me about 4 months as you only need one pump of cleanser at a time, so it's worth the price!

Some reviewers have referenced the smell, saying that it's too strong and old lady like - I certainly don't feel that way. It's definitely a stronger fragrance than some cleansers, but I find it very pleasant and true to the line name "Reve de Miel" - honey dream. I typically love or detest honey scented products, there is not middle ground, so I'm thrilled to have this falls in the "love" category. If you are familiar with the Reve de Miel face creams (day or night) the scent it similar, but not the same - the cleaner definitely has a more soapy note.

I would recommend this cleanser to my friends and family a thousand times over, and I'm thrilled to see Birchbox carrying some of the Nuxe line!

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