Old twist ties have been sent to the trash!

I can't get enough of these (except the neon, I'm really not into that trend). Printed, solid, wide, skinny, I love them all (again, except for neon; really can't stress that enough)! Even though the headbands are fairly useless for actually keeping hair out of my face, they are so cute I don't even care!

The actual hair ties start out kind of stiff and not stretchy, but they quickly become the perfect stretchy size after 1-2 uses. My hair still has a dent in it from the band, but I have thin hair so I was expecting it.

My ponytail doesn't come down, even if I've been running so the grip is good. I have been using them for a month now and I am happy to say I never see pulled or damaged hair stuck to the bands when I take them out.

Definitely start switching over to these. They also look cute on your wrist if you just want to keep one nearby. Bonus is the lack of circulation deprivation!

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