Totally Life Changing!

I have long, wavy hair that does NOT dry nicely naturally. But before the Sedu I had to both blow dry (20 minutes) and flat iron (10 minutes) if I wanted it to be smooth. And because it took so long I practically never did it and so always went around with an ugly ponytail. Then I got the Sedu. Blow drying now takes 8 minutes and my hair is so smooth I don't need to flat iron. So basically it cut my hair time in less than a third and so I can now look nice everyday. So literally, life altering. So why only four stars? Well, maybe it's me, but the buttons on this thing are in a terrible place and I turn the blowdryer off by accident at least 2 or 3 times every time I use it. So that's annoying. And it's also heavy. I think I'm getting nicer deltoids, but my arm is tired at the end. So one star off for heavy and bad buttons. But honestly you couldn't make me return it because it's a fantastic blow dryer and it works wonders. Absolutely recommended.

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