Amazing, even for a curling dummy

I am a total curling iron novice. Literally I'd never ever used one before I bought this. But I thought I'd take a chance and this one seemed like it might be easy to use. I have rather long, medium thick hair and this thing does an amazing job. Everyone compliments my hair now. There is a learning curve, especially for a curling newbie. But after about three times doing it I felt pretty competent. I watched a couple of videos on how to use it and they were helpful. It takes maybe 12 or 13 minutes for me to do my whole head and it really lasts! The curls even last till the next day (though my hair really can't go two days before shampoos so I don't get to take advantage of that.) A little heat protector, a little valorizing mousse, bam! Perfect, celebrity style waves. I never knew my hair could look like this. Absolutely recommended.

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