Exactly what I've been looking for

The Universal Brow Pencil is one of the best makeup finds I have bought in a while. I was a little skeptical about the idea of a pencil for my brow; I used to use just a plain reddish/brown shadow that matched perfectly with my hair. After it ran out, I went for Benefit's gimme brow, but was a little disappointed by the blackish/brownish opaque finish it gave my brows - definitely too severe to match my usual "look" and hair color.
So I went for the pencil, and needless to say, I'm never using another product for my brows again. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. For me, it gave me the perfect bold brow ("feeds hair follicles for maximum fullness" - yes it absolutely does), and the pigments in the pencil seemingly blended to match my hair color. The eyebrow brush at the other end of the pencil allows you to come out the hairs and therefore sculpt your brow while also "diffusing" in a way the strokes from the pencil that went on too heavily.
I am very very impressed, and very very happy that I have found this pencil!

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