Love it, but don't wear it under makeup.

I am so grateful to birchbox for introducing me to this product. My skin has never been perfect, but when I moved from a dry climate to a very humid one, my normal one pimple-a-day went to a daily dozen and I tried everything. I did all the stuff that had worked in the past, got professional facials, used all my normal go to products, but everything aggravated my skin and I ended up with dry, flaky, skin covered in blemishes. After the very first day of using evologie my skin looked a little better (no new pimples), after the first week, my skin had started to heal, and now it looks better than ever. I only use evologie at night because it isn't a good base for my makeup (streaking mess), but using it once a day seems to work pretty well and I use my old (and cheaper) moisturizer in the morning.

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