I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes (as well as a bit of a lack of sleep problem), and my black circles are IMPOSSIBLE to cover up. I got this product as a hail mary since I started looking like a zombie walking around my office by noon since the three layers of cover up plus additional layer of "eye luminizer" were fading quite quickly. Let me tell you, this stuff works. A little definitely goes a long way - which really shortens my morning make up routine! Just a little dot under each eye and blend. My eyes look brighter throughout the day - a miracle. You definitely need to use makeup remover to get it off, but, hey, at least you can't cry it off your face! The other thing I've noticed is that it looks very natural from afar, but up close, you can definitely see that you're wearing SOMETHING. As someone who spends time putting makeup on so I look like I'm not wearing any, that isn't my favorite part about the product, but it isn't crazy obvious unless I point it out. My friends have commented that something looks different but didn't realize it was the coverup until I pointed it out. Overall, I would say this is WELL WORTH THE MONEY if you have dark undereye circles.

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