Beautifully Adorned and Superb Quality!

These containers are so delightful that I purchased several sets to use as gifts. What could be better than one of these elegantly decorated, air-tight containers filled with homemade brownies or cookies?

The containers are made of high-quality plastic that is highly durable. They are suitable for all sorts of storage needs such as neatly keeping sewing items (small scissors, thread, needles, buttons) and storing sample-sized products from monthly Birchbox boxes that haven't yet been used are but a few that come to mind. The beautiful designs on these containers make them spectacular for use anywhere. I have a small one on my desk, in fact, and frequently receive compliments on it.

For use in the kitchen, these containers are ideal due to their completely airtight seals. I have used mine to hold dry goods in the pantry as well as to hold macaroni or potato salad in the fridge. They simply seem too lovely to hold leftovers, but they do a super job at that as well.

Writing this review reminds me of just how fantastic these lovely containers are, and I feel the urge to purchase a few more for future needs!

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