love this changed my life

so i am obviously a curly haired girl...i spent my life trying to figure out how to handle my curls and thanks to deva curl i have finally got a decent hold on it.

this shampoo is amazing once you get past the intial change from suds to the no poo switch...after getting the sample in my box one month in ONE use my hair was softer and when i blew it out it was perfect like as close to a salon blow out as i could expect to get at home.

yes i realize how ironic i use this product then straighten my hair but i do and it makes my life so much easier and my hair look so much better
THAT said****i now have dandruff which i've NEVER had in my life and so im considering switching to the low poo shampoo by deva curl to aleviate...we'll see if this helps

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