Literally indispensible...if you can find the right formula

I've tried many, MANY products over the years to hide my natural dark circles caused by the thin skin under my eyes. This stuff made me throw almost everything else I owned out, because it was pretty much the best thing I'd ever found. The original formula is incredibly thick, and practically works as primer, concealer, and foundation in one. However, the pump-top bottle had a tendency to separate and/or give out too much product at once. Like many other users, I just shrugged and mixed the product on the side of my hand before applying.

However, Benefit (very generously) changed the packaging back to a wand...only it's not the same formula. The new stuff is much thinner. If you can, try to find the old pump-top stock for maximum coverup. If you're just looking for a pigmented primer, then the new formula will be fine.

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