One of the best things I've ever purchased

I've never been one of those girls who goes and gets manicures. I've actually had a total of 3 in my entire life. The last two were in the past 2 months and since I've always done my own nails and my cuticles have always been naturally pretty fine looking, I've never really done much to them besides moisturizer in the winter. After getting a professional manicure and seeing how much better my nails look and how much healthier they are when my cuticles have been taken care of, I went and bought this. I swear by all of my Tweezerman products (hair-cutting scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, files, etc) and this is no exception. It seems like the exact same one that my manicurist used and after watching her do it twice using this tool is super easy. This is also a really good price for it. Tweezerman tools may seem pricey but when you think that this will last for your entire life, it's worth it. This is THE key to doing a professional looking manicure at home - well, plus a good base coat, top coat, and a steady hand. I would recommend this to anyone - its a bazillion times better than the wooden ones.

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