Oh my dear, sweet baby Jesus.. if you have dry hair that you style often, there is no better product than the Nectar Thermique! I swear, you could put transform a bird's nest into spinning thread. The bottle is about the size of your hand and is expensive, but it will last a long time. I'd even pay $60 for it, now that I know how awesome it is. I've had my bottle for 6 months now and will probably last me for another year. A little dab goes a long way and it works the best IMO on wet hair. If you're going to use heat styling, make sure you use this! Everyone always compliments me on how healthy my hair looks after I use this stuff. My boyfriend can run his fingers through my hair. My hair doesn't get the burnt smell after I dry it and straighten it. I LOVE IT. HOLY GRAIL HAIR PRODUCT. THE END.

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