Quality, soft brushes

I kind go bought this on a whim because I was sick of picking through individual brushes to find the right ones and I was hoping this would kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone. It did! I found every single brush to be high quality, soft, and versatile. My only complaint is the small size of the blush brush; I'm used to a pretty bulky brush for blush and this is far from big and bulky. I have tried it anyway and I found it did apply blush well with a more precise-style of application and the finished product is clean and well-blended. Overall a great brush roll, would have liked the blush brush to be a little bigger than it is but I'm not taking it back so it must not bother me too badly!...and I still have my big, bulky brush, so no worries! I can switch things up more this way; grab the bulky brush as my go to and the tiny blush brush when I want to spend a little more time applying and blending.

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