Loved it!

I'll preface this by saying I'm a bit of a perfume geek, I have hundreds (thousands if you include small samplers) of scents from a variety of indie perfumers. I usually shy away from vanilla scents because most companies don't do it very well - you end up with something cloyingly sweet that gives you a headache within minutes of putting it on.

This is NOT one of those vanilla scents. This is closer to a true vanilla - that you'd get from smelling a pod - than the over-the-top sweet vanilla candy you may often find. The jasmine note is definitely noticeable and quite lovely. I really liked it!

Plus, as an added bonus, it's a strong scent (I know perfumes react differently with different body chemistry, your YMMV), in that it takes only the smallest amount on various pulse-points to create a long-lasting scent (though not overpowering if you're careful about how much you apply).

I have a feeling the sample will last me a long time, but I will definitely be picking up more once the sample runs out.

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