so silky-my skin looks awesome!

I've bought three different primers from Birchbox. The first one was by MAKE, which I loved; however, it's been out of stock for quite a while, and I ran out. So obviously I needed something different. I bought Laura Mercier Primer, but for some reason, using that gave me a ton of pimples on my forehead. I then tried Pur Minerals primer. The thing that attracted it to me it that it is paraben-free. I couldn't BELIEVE how silky it was the first time I tried it! Putting your makeup on is so easy, and my face looks so smooth. I've also noticed my pimples disappearing on my forehead! I put this primer on at 7am and don't take it off until evening, and it keeps my makeup put. I'm going to be using this primer on the day of my wedding if that tells you anything :)

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