It took awhile, but

I really love this product. I received a deluxe sample in my box a few months ago. I started using it and never really noticed an immediate difference. To be fair, I stopped using it every day because I thought it wasn't working, and I recently just got back into the routine of using it every night. I have noticed a complete difference in the skin underneath my eyes. It definitely looks younger, and brighter. At first I couldn't figure out why it looked so much better, but I guess it just took awhile for me to notice the actual results this product produced. I never had extreme dark circles, so I cannot speak to that. But, I will say I think this definitely has improved the skin around my eyes.

I'm STILL using my sample, as it doesn't take much due to the nice texture of the cream. As soon as it runs out, I'll be buying the full size. I guess I just needed a little patience to see real results.

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