Love this pencil!

After reading the reviews for every eyebrow pencil on this website, I decided to try this one. Especially because it was less expensive than most others. So glad I did! This is my new favorite. The pencil itself is oval so, depending on how you hold it, it's great for thick or thin lines. "chai" is perfect for me. I'm blonde w fair skin. It's natural looking and lasts all day. The only bummer is that the size of the "lead", for lack of a better word, is very misleading. The metal cartridge it is in is the size of a regular pencil and the colored part is an inch, inch and a half, long. So far it doesn't seem to be getting used up too quickly...I've has it for over a month and use it daily. I can't tell how much is left though. Anyhow, I would highly recommend this product.

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