The Holy Grail of Brow Pencils

Short version: Natural looking, easy to apply, included pamphlet on choosing and applying makeup to compliment the shape of your face/eyes/etc. Absolutely my favorite brow pencil. A+. Buy it now.

Long version: I started really trying to expand my makeup horizons over the last year, but I was so hesitant about how my eyebrows looked when I filled them in, I think it honestly took a couple weeks before I felt confident enough to go out of the house with them "done up." And that was only after fussing and trying to get the color just right with the help of some primer, then the spooly end, then maybe a little eyeshadow if a spot didn't fill in right. It was just a lot of work for an outcome I wasn't always thrilled with. Anyway.... not this pencil.

I'm not sure if it's the experience I've gained, or maybe just confidence, but I'm going to chalk it up to this product just being the bomb. From day one of using YBF's pencil I've been having a love affair with my eyebrows. Lingering glances in the mirror, long talks about them with my friends, you name it. This pencil is really my miracle product that I wish I had known about from the start. I will definitely continue to purchase for as long as it's available.

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