This is a spreadable fruit, which is exactly what it's name says, but for some reason I still thought it would be more like preserves. So I was surprised when I popped the lid off to try it. It's not as chunky as preserves and it's bit less stiff than jelly, but you won't really care once you taste it. I ordered the Strawberry Raspberry spread, which was fruity but not overly sweet. I spread it onto whole wheat toast just to try it. I had to use a little more than expected to get the coverage and flavor I wanted and because it is on the thinner side. It's very tasty though plus it's made right her in the USA! ( Bronx, NY) I love the fact that the only ingredients are strawberries, sugar, raspberries, and lemon juice. No artificial anything! On my second taste, I would like to try it again on a scone which I think would blend better with the fruit and texture.

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