So much better than baby powder!

I have been a die-hard fan of using baby powder on the scalp when I'm too lazy to wash my hair, or when I finally got the curling iron right and want my waves to last more than a day.

It's cheap and easy, but there's always that telltale smell reminiscent of baby butt.

Enter this dry shampoo - easy, fresh-smelling without being overpowering, and works super-fast without adding as much gunk to your head.

Downside is it seems to be harder to massage into the scalp without actually brushing, which is impossible if you've thoroughly moussed/hairsprayed the day before, or if like me, you have really fine tangly hair. Still, with a little more elbow grease you can have bouncy, clean-smelling hair without the overpowering scent of talc.

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