Love this stuff!

I am a lip stain lover from the day I discovered it's existence. I have tried just about every brand out there at every price point. I know people complain about this product being drying to the lips, but I always use it as a base color and then wear lipstick over the top. As the days goes on and my lipstick wears off I always have that nice under layer of color that last all day.
This product is very hard to apply to the cheeks, but I have a little trick that I have been using for years. I mix a little of the stain with my favorite face moisturizer and then apply the mixture to my cheeks. It makes it go on smoothly and just has a hint of color. I make up a little container of it so it is ready to go for many applications.
The one real downfall is the applicator, I am always afraid of spilling the bottle, and a sponge applicator would be easier to apply the product.

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