The only CC cream that matches my skintone

As a pale redhead with pink tones, it's incredibly difficult to find foundations and creams that match my skin without giving me an off-putting orange or yellow glow. This Pur Minerals brand actually works. It's amazing how it disappears into my skin and even passes the bright sunlight test.

I honestly didn't even think about its skin-clearing properties until I realized that I was needing less and less of my zit-be-gone cream. The fact that not only does it not make me break out but actually battles my breakouts is a great bonus.

They do need to fix the pump issue. I honestly just take the top off and squeeze it directly from the bottle though it takes some practice to not get too much. I think if they made it a regular squeeze bottle like other BB/CC creams, it would work better (are you listening Pur Minerals folks?).

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