Great Tinted Lip Balm - Not Really a Stain

So, I'm a little obsessed with lip stains. I like soft or dramatic colors that won't smudge, and will fade gently over hours instead of just wiping off. I decided to try this because it looked like a soft color, and promised moisturizing.

It's definitely moisturizing, and feels good to put on. The color is a delicate pink, which works well with my fair skin tone. However, it's way more of a tinted lip balm than a stain. The color didn't really stick with my lips, and while it was moisturizing, it didn't really stay ON my lips through a cup of morning coffee.

If you're looking for a gently colored lip balm, I highly recommend this. If you're on a quest for the perfect stain, you may want to pick up a tube of this to moisturize OVER the stain you find...but it's probably not the "stain" you're looking for.

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