Great Value

My favorite thing about this is the cute leopard print clutch that came with it. It has metallic gold thread running through the fabric, which gives it a pretty sheen.

The lipstick is a bit pale, but not a full on nude. I can only wear it when I have on dramatic eyeliner, or else I look a little washed out. With eyeliner it is great for that retro "ethereal" look, a la Nancy Sinatra.

The eyeliner is a bit tricky to put on. Some days are easy, some days it takes a few tries. I am used to applying liquid liner with a brush, and I think sometimes I get a bit too much on the applicator, which causes it to gloop. I believe this is due to my own error. Also, the color is really pretty. It is a very dark brown, almost black, with a subtle golden sheen. It seems to stay put extremely well.

I have not tried the mascara yet, because I am waiting until I run out of my previous mascara.

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