LOVE this blush!

I am a fan of most blush. I will try anything at least once. At first I wasn't sure about this because (1) it is cream and didn't have much experience using cream blush (2) the colors are super pigmented and didn't want to make myself look like a clown. However, I fell in love with it on the first try. I have used 2 of the 3 colors I received. I didn't use the last one because I just felt that it was too light for me. The only problem I have is that this blush is $32. If it was in the $20 range I would be more inclined to buy it right away but I think the price is a bit high. I do think it may be worth it because it will definitely last a very long time as you need very little of this product. This has been one of my favorite samples so far.

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