Nice but still not 100% sure

I bought this based on the reviews and because I've been using and liking the Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish system. I've been dutifully trying it off and on for about 2 weeks now, and I can't quite make up my mind if it is a new go-to product or not. I do have combination skin that can verge on oily, and for me, anything more than a tiny amount of this stuff makes my face super shiny, so I am wary of using it before I have to go out anywhere. At the same time, when I've used it at night instead of my night cream, my skin is super soft the next day. So, it doesn't soak in quite as well as that night cream (or the day version of the same brand, discovered through Birchbox's mystery pack), but I find that I keep going back to it. And given the price, I like that it will take me quite a while to use it up, so that's a plus too. Only once it's gone, I think, will I know if I miss it enough to re-order, but I do think I mostly like it!

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