Made me a believer

After getting a facial with a Clarisonic, I finally took the leap and brought my own... Best decision for my skin!

Despite my strict skin care routine, I had stubborn acne cysts (1or 2 a month) that would take months to go away, an oil-slick t-zone full of blackheads and big pores, which are now drying up and looking better every day. I use it once a day (before bed), followed by my night skin regimen.

I really like the sample cleanser; may buy a full size. I find that a gel type cleaner works great, but if you lather a good cleansing bar really well and put it on, then use the Aria, you also get good results. By all means, follow it up with the right moisturizer, and enjoy your complexion again. The Aria isn't a luxury, but a must-have for my skin care.

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