My go to brow pencil.

I have tried a wide variety of pencils, powders, and brow gels over the years. This is my favorite for pigment and longevity of wear. I have a hard time matching my ashy blonde brows, and this seems to be a near perfect match. Not too dark, but not too light that the effect isn't as much as I'd hope for. The women in my family have thinning eyebrows as they age, and I didn't escape that gene. This pencil seems to last quite awhile, and my favorite part is the no need for sharpening. I have used 6 now if I'm keeping track of them all, and all have been great except one came with the internal crayon stick fractured here and there. This just meant as I advanced the crayon stick, occasionally a piece would fall out. Typically I lost that bit down the drain, so that was disappointing, but the majority of them have all been great!

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