Not replacing my aquaphor, but does have it's uses!

This product is very think and tacky...not the best feel for an everyday balm, IMO, and I am a dedicated lip balm junkie. I also do not find it to be all that moisturizing. However, I have found that this is a great base to start on days I want to wear a matte lip. Matte lipstcks are so drying and can look clumpy on, but a thin coating of this underneath not only smoothes the lips for a better look, but the stickness helps grip the lipstick for longer, better wear. I always had the desire to put balm or gloss OVER matte lipsticks, but then they are no longer matte and just come right off on everything my mouth touches....but with this underneath I can wear matte color comfortably for the day. I like it.

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