Spirng is Here, out the the old, in with the NEW

Try the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Collection No. 2. I love the floral , colorful , bag... Floral is IN... and it gets even better, This eye shadow, With a great mix of eye poping colors, That goes with all eye colors. You can do your entire lid with the arangement of colors they choose. No creasing, just soft, smooth coverage. The eye liner, stays on, NO smudging, just, swipe it on and your set. Now complete this look, with a bit of the hot pink lip stain, ( I was afaid of this color, until I put it on, and It was GREAT). It was a creamy, silky gloss, With just the right hue.. So try a new spring look, You will look cool, and casual, and I think you will enjoy the great eye coverage, and colors. I think we all need to try something new. and this is the time. Great value

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