Stylish and Useful!

Well done birch box!

I happened to be out of the country when I saw this was coming in this month's box. I had just been thinking that I should get a passport case to protect my passport when traveling. I am in and out of airports so much that it was worth my while to get Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check, but I had never done anything to shield my travel documents from spills or getting bent.

The Men in Cities Passport case is perfect. My passport is secure and I feel more comfortable dropping it into my luggage when it isn't needed.

The only downside (from birch box's perspective) is that there is no need for me to order one now--the sample basically gave it to me! The only time I'll need one is when this one wears out. Given that is appears well made and sturdy, that won't be for quite some time to come!

I will be looking into more Men in Cities products however.

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