Solid purchase


-VERY happy with the nail polish remover. This might be the first full size purchase I make on Birchbox. I had been looking for something that didn't feel like it stripped my nails, and this is it. It's pretty powerful for being natural, as well, I used it on a heavy-duty polish job and it got it all off!

-the charcoal facewash was my #1 reason to go for this box, and so far I like it quite a lot. It has a nice smell and leaves my face feeling clean without being overdry. I don't notice anything very different from any other gentle face wash I use (no magical impurity-removing properties), but still a nice product

-I'm happy with the FEED pouch, but it doesn't fit everything that came in the sample (pretty small without a lot of wiggle room)

-the serum has a nice smell, but so far I have not noticed that it has any 'brightening' properties (though unsure if a week's worth of use is enough to render a verdict)

-the lipgloss has a nice feel, but I do not like this color for my skin tone (it makes me look a bit washed out and yellows my teeth). It has a crumbly sort of texture to it, so don't push more out of the tube than what you want to use (it doesn't stand up to the pressure of being applied). It smells like chocolate, so that's nice!

-not really a fan of the shaving cream. The medicinal smell is fine once you adjust to it, but it is thin and does not have the texture of shaving cream at all.

-I've tried 2 of 4 lov teas and they were both good. One of them (zen, maybe?) had a ton of fennel seeds and I was a bit hesitant about it. But it ended up having a great flavor. The 'beauty' one was really floral and fruity.

-only product I haven't tried yet is the eyeliner. I just got an eyeliner in my May sample box, so I figured I would let this one wait for awhile.

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