Doesn't smell like sunscreen!

Having only tried the sample I am unable to comment on the long-term effects of this product, however I would totally be willing to purchase the full-size City Sunscreen Serum based on my sample. My favorite thing so far has been the fact that it doesn't have that "sunscreen-y" smell upon application, followed by the fact that it goes on smooth and clear. It is so nice to have a sunscreen that doesn't go on all white and heavy on my skin! My skin doesn't usually burn, but I'm a big fan of sunscreen to prevent from tanning too much during the summer, and so far Supergoop! has done it's job vis-a-vis maintaining my skin tone. Lastly, it (the sample size at least) is easy to carry in my purse and re-apply often. My skin does not start to feel greasy after multiple applications. I have no complaints about this product. Only time will tell though whether the SPF will be up to my standards, but I have confidence in this stuff!

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