Good hold, light weight, great for texture...

This has become my favorite product for fixing my hair. I like to spike my hair, but like to keep away from the hard hat effect certain products create. I really liked that with this pomade, is that if you apply to dry hair it will allow you to style as you wish but provide a look as if you don't really have any product in your hair at all. The control is good, but you shouldn't expect your hair to stay 100% in place with this product after 8 hrs, as it's not meant for an extra firm hold.

If you apply it when your hair is a little damp or wet, it mimics the 'wet look' a bit more. To apply to your hair, place small amount on palms and rub your hands together, then rub into your hair starting with your palms [in circular motions] as this provides more even distribution of the product than just using your finger tips. Then use your fingers to sculpt your hair as preferred.

I will point out that one flaw, is that it does feel a little greasy, not a lot just a little if you run your hand through your hair. However, it washes out exceptionally easy with shampoo which cannot be said for many products.

Overall, definitely worth the purchase I made after getting a sample of this in muh box.

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