Natural ingredients, natural glow

I, like the rest of the lady-net, read this was often used in J. Crew photo-shoots to give the models a natural glow and stampeded off to get my hands on some. It definitely lived up to the hype for me. The finish is dewy, but not greasy. The undertone is neutral, so it doesn't have that weird yellow or pink cast that some highlights can give. You do have to be careful not to get it into the crease of your eye or the cream formula will sink in. I like to use it under my brow and just along my lash line, starting from the outer corner and working inward. I dab whatever is left on my finger (that's right - finger - I know the video recommends a brush, but meh. Call me a nature girl or whatever, I like using my finger to blend.) on the tops of my cheekbones. For dates, I'll put it on my cupid's bow too. It's not like being photoshopped, but I look like me with an extra hour of sleep.

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