Not the Product for Me

I've tried a couple of the Yes To... cleansing facial towels, the Blueberries being one of them. There's the good, the bad, and the ugly on this product, but not enough good to keep me using them.

The good is that they cleanse well although, with a full face of BB and/or other makeup, one sheet will not do the job.

The bad is that, for me, they're not wet enough. I may have received a bad pack, I suppose, although I've noticed quite often with these towelettes--even the ones I've used for a long time--that they're getting less and less moist each time I purchase.

The ugly is that, whatever else these have going for them, I cannot stand the scent. The smell of these makes me literally quite nauseous; I had to hold my breath using the for the first time. I'm not a fan of anything fragranced that goes on my face but I don't seem to have an issue with botanical scents. These have a sickening, cloying scent to me and I threw the pack out after the first couple of uses.

All told, these wipes didn't have enough ANYTHING to keep me using them. Far less stressful to go back to my old standby or try something else. Someone else might love the scent, but not this girl.

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