Softens and keeps hair shinny after blow dry

I have very coarse and kinky hair that is basically bleached blonde. Thus, my hair is always dry. I have conditioners and shampoo that make my hair soft when I keep it in its natural state and let it air dry. However, when I blow dry it out and straighten it with a flat iron most hair treatments will not hold throughout and keep my hair soft. I was silly to not have tried this earlier, its literally been having around my house from an old birch box. I finally tried it for the late two weeks (yes the sample lasted that long) and I absolutely love it! The shampoo and conditioner combo is perfect for a blow dry and straightening treatment! The conditioner is thick and coats hair, you really feel the difference after wash/condit. Sometimes in the middle of the week if I wear my hair curly I do a quick conditioner set and wash it out with luke warm water to add extra moisturizer during the week.

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