A Nice On The Go Item

I love the quality of these wipes! They are thick and luxurious, tough enough to get ALL the dirt/makeup off, large enough for your whole face, and do not dry out too quickly. I will stick these in my purse take camping, leave at work, anywhere I may need to just re-set the day by taking my makeup/dirt off. The only reason I give this four stars is my own personal preference to the smell. Its very refreshing, and is the exact smell it says... however... to me, after it dries it smells a little bit like fermented fruit..it might be the lemon mixed with the sweet. It's not a gross smell, but it's enough that I wont use them everyday, and will enjoy them on the go as needed. Their quality will get me to order them again when I run out, I might try a different scent this time...

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