I purchased this shampoo and conditioner from a local salon, and was terribly disappointed. I wanted to love this product because it was refillable and more eco-friendly. I kept thinking that the next time I used it, I would have better results, but no such luck.

First, I hated that the products were in these pots, making it impossible to use without taking off the lid, getting water inside, and then dipping my hand into it to retrieve the product. There is a reason why most shampoos and conditioners come in squeeze bottles - it's simply more convenient. I have no idea why these are packaged this way.

The products did nothing to manage my wavy, somewhat frizzy hair, or to hydrate it. I hated that they didn't lather, and the fragrance and texture didn't impress me either. Basically, there was nothing about this product that I liked. I ended up giving away 2/3 of both "buckets" of shampoo and conditioner because I wanted to switch to a different brand and couldn't return these. (It's worth noting that *every* product I've used since has done far better things for my hair - whether from a drugstore or high-end beauty retailer!)

I cannot recommend this product at all.

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