So much love, so much functionality

So I have approximately a gazillion reusable bags in my closet, thus probably didn't need any more. But before I was a Birchbox ACE these were an easy way to tack on an extra item to use the rest of my points and/or get free shipping.

With these I never forget to bring my bags into the store -- I pack up my groceries in them and then return the bags to my car after unloading. The bags roll up into practically nothing so they're easy to tuck in my console.

For such tiny bags it's amazing how much fits in them and how durable they are! The two that I have now hold at least half of my weekly groceries for two people and I've never worried about them tearing. And I almost always get complements on them! I have the Ostrich and Shelter patterns and have my eye on a few more.

Again, I have so many reusable bags that it feels silly to wax poetic about these. With that said, they're totally swoon-worthy =)

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