who or what is the magical creator of this?

Rave. Rave. Rave.
I can't say enough good things about how soft and silky this left my hair. I saw the price of the trio and reaaaally had to think about it but I'm glad I did. My hair is fine but fussy, split ends and doesn't grow quickly....but at least it smells and feels amazing. I will probably buy the dry shampoo of this at some point. NOTE TO BIRCHBOX: this should come in a body wash. And body lotion. And a light wash in/wash out conditioner. And a perfume or body spray. I'm addicted.
I used a bit of the spray in conditioner to moisturize my legs because I wasn't ready to be done with the scent for the night. Now to zzzzzzz land I go.....floating on a cloud of an intoxicating scent.....and soft hair....

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