great lipgloss

I really love this lip gloss! It is not at all sticky or tacky at all; most glosses are. It is smooth like butter but thicker if that makes since at all. There is no taste or scent and it glides on beautiful. I wanted all the colors because they are beautiful but i went with a color that i need more of. I have so many pinks and don't really do red so I went with the color Angel. It does not show up clear but gives a hint of light pink and is very natural looking. I love the color so much I am thinking of coming back to get two or maybe 3 more shades. My lips feel soft and smooth as well as the color looks great. The gloss also seems to last more then most glosses that I own. 5 stars!!! :) If you do not normally do lipglosses because of the stickiness please give this one a try. It is not sticky at all, very smooth.

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